Solaris-compatible Thread Library (ScTL)

The Solaris-compatible Thread Library (ScTL) is open-source software that sits on top of a POSIX threads library and provides the Solaris threads application programming interface (API). ScTL makes it easier to migrate threaded Solaris applications to other UNIX-like platforms. An otherwise-portable Solaris-threaded application could be simply recompiled on another UNIX platform by using ScTL's header-files and libraries. Thus ScTL avoids the need to convert the application to use the POSIX threads API when it is being ported from Solaris.

A paper on ScTL titled Building an open-source Solaris-compatible threads library appeared in the Proceedings of the FREENIX Track: 2001 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (FREENIX '01) in June 2001. A copy of the paper is available at

ScTL was originally developed as part of the Solaris Compatibility Libraries (SCL) for Tru64 UNIX. The web-site describes SCL, and includes links to SCL documentation and to download a kit for Tru64 UNIX.

ScTL has been ported from Tru64 UNIX to Linux (Red Hat 7.0, on Intel x86 and Alpha) and FreeBSD (4.2, on Intel x86), and as a result the source code should more readily port to other UNIX systems. The ScTL source code is now available for download from

Note that ScTL was known as STL, but for uniqueness on Sourceforge it had to be named ScTL. The ScTL sources still use STL as the project acronym.

ScTL, like SCL, is provided as-is, with no formal support. However we are keen for feedback and we will attemp to respond to queries on a best-efforts basis. Send your queries to Alternatively, use the ScTL developers' mailing-list to discuss ScTL development issues.

Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists exist for ScTL, complete with links to the subscription pages. These lists have rarely been used!

Release Notes

ScTL v1.1.1 is the latest release.

The original SCL development, and the port of ScTL to Linux and FreeBSD, was sponsored by Compaq. Compaq Logo

The port of ScTL to HP-UX was sponsored by HP. 

The ScTL open-source project is hosted on Sourceforge. SourceForge Logo

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